RELEVANT PENDING ISSUES WITH maven-site-plugin 2.0-beta-5


  • Edit the src/site/site.xml and src/site/xdoc/*.xml files.
  • Execute 'mvn site' from the top level of the project, for example: 'struts/current/struts1'


  • To start Jetty and preview pages while you're editing:
    • Temporarily change the maven-site-plugin version to 2.0-beta-5 or 2.0-SNAPSHOT
    • 'mvn site:run' and browse http://localhost:8080
  • To build the site locally: 'mvn site:stage -DstagingDirectory=/path/to/tempdir'
  • Or point your browser at target/site/index.html (but be aware that relative links to modules won't work)


  • To deploy: mvn site:deploy
    • Make sure you're using maven-site-plugin 2.0-beta-4
    • (See the Suggested Settings section on StrutsMaintenanceMaven to avoid repeated password prompts)


  • From the command line, change to the site/target/site directory
  • scp the website files to
    • Using PuTTY, the command is: pscp -r *.*
    • Using Cygwin, the command is: scp -r *
  • You can update the site for a single sub-project by using the correct destination path. For example:
    $ mvn site-deploy

After you deploy the site, check the permissions!


  • On add a line with 'umask 002' to both ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc . The former is used when you log in, the latter for remote ssh commands (such as when publishing the site with Maven.) This will make the files group writeable, so that other people in the 'struts' group can update them.
    • This assumes your default shell is bash. If you have a different default shell, then edit the corresponding config files.
  • If the permissions are not set correctly, you can fix it with: $ chmod -R g+w .
  • If you run the chmod, and there are error messages, it's because someone else needs to do the same.
  • You can check the permissions with: $ ls -ol


  • The DTDs are available at
  • The source files are in the repository under the various sub-projects, and are not stored under site/xdocs/dtds
  • The DTDs are retrieved from the svn repo (with Ant's 'get' task) when the top level site is published, so they should always be up to date.


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