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Thank you James Turner for this wonderful Christmas poem.

James Turner wrote:

With apologies to  Clement Clarke Moore 

'twas the night before Christmas, and all 'cross the world.
Not a user was typing, the code was all curled.
The patches were entered and each file was checked in,
In hopes that 1.2 New Years would bring.
The coders were nestled all snug by their LANs.
With visions of post-release features and plans.
When up on the screen there appeared such a sight.
I opened the e-Mail, sent that very night.

Quickly I read the contents of the letter,
With each word, my mood became better and better.
From craigmcc at apache dot org.
Subject: Let's ship it with no more reorg.
He went on to say that each package was done.
And called their names out like each one was his son.

Ship DynaForms, Taglibs, Controller and Actions.
Ship EL and Tiles with no further distractions.
To the centers of business and learning they'll ship.
Now download and install using dialup and SLIP.

And as he was ending his RELEASE-NOTES.TXT
With nary a sign he was bothered or vexed.
He added one note, which I read with delight.
"MVC use to all, and to all a good night!"
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