Tutorials that cover Struts:

Struts Tutorial with Video Demonstrations understand the benefits of Struts and how to program your first Struts program

Struts Lab by Sang Shin (based on Struts 1.2.9)

learntechnology.net Various Struts 1.x Lessons by Rick Reumann

Apache Struts Tutorials A complete reference of Jakarta Struts shows how to develop Struts applications using Ant and deploy on the JBoss application server.

Struts Good Practices Online book -

free Video solutions to Struts Good Practices , code is here basicPortal

What is Struts? Intro to web development and Struts by Sebastian Hennebrueder – Introduction how to develop web application and how you can easily map these requirements with struts. We want to provide an understandable explanation for the Model-View-Controller Pattern.

First Struts Tutorial by Sebastian Hennebrueder – First Struts Tutorial showing how to create a basic struts application: showing a list, creating, editing and deleting entries.

Struts Tiles Tutorial by Sebastian Hennebrueder – Struts tiles Tutorial with a small working example application. Tiles basics are explained.

Integration of Struts and EJB by Sebastian Hennebrueder – Shows step by step how to integrate Struts and EJB using a small library application.

http://www.arc-mind.com/downloads_protected/tutorials/struts/strutstut.pdf – Struts Quick Start Tutorial by ArcMind.

http://www.arc-mind.com/downloads_protected/tutorials/struts/advanced-tiles.pdf – Master the Struts Tiles Framework Tutorial by ArcMind.

http://courses.coreservlets.com/Course-Materials/struts.html – Struts Tutorial and Training Materials by Marty Hall.

[http://www.struts-training-guide.com – Struts Tutorial

StrutsUniversity – Business presentations regarding Struts and related technologies

Struts Tutorial by Eswar – A comprehensive list of Struts Tutorials.

Take a look at the StrutsArticles page as well.

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