Integrate the existing Struts website into the Maven-generated multi-project website.

Draft Site


Discussion Thread



  • Initial move from core/doc to site/xdocs on Saturday, August 13, 2005

Initial Conversion Plan

  • [DONE] Move everything from /struts/current/core/doc/ to /struts/current/site/xdocs/

  • [DONE] Rename the project.xml files (which contain the menus) to navigation.xml

  • [DONE] Change links in all navigation.xml files under 'site' to be relative to the root directory

  • [DONE] Add the missing <body> tags to navigation.xml files

  • [DONE] Change the anchors in navigation.xml files to match the section names

  • [DONE]Add navigation.xml files to xdocs under each subproject

  • [DONE]Remove the <search> section from userGuide/index.xml and faqs/index.xml

  • Remove 'href' attributes from <section> and <subsection> tags, add <a name='...'/> to preserve existing anchors
  • [DONE] Add a page with links to [JavaDoc] for each subproject.

  • User Guide
    • Fix links to Taglib Package Descriptions (JavaDoc) in the User Guide
    • Fix links to Taglib API References in the User Guide
    • [DONE] Change <chapter> and <section> to <section> and <subsection>

    • [DONE] Change <pre> <code> blocks to <source>

  • [DONE] Generate and link in the TLD documentation

Additional Issues

  • Publish the Struts 1.2 docs to struts-docs-1.2
  • Consolidate the multiproject sites for subprojects (Apps, Shale, Sandbox, Ti)

Post-Conversion To Do List

Post-Conversion Refactorings

Apache Struts

  • Welcome (1st section only, amend text)
  • Who we are
  • Announcements


  • Overview (add text)
  • ...
  • Sandbox (add text and explain that these are whiteboard proposals only)
  • ...
  • Site (add text explaining reactor build)
  • ...
  • Tiles


  • Mailing Lists
  • Wiki Pages
  • Resource Directory
  • Known Issues (bugzilla)


  • Binaries
  • Source Code
  • Development Releases


  • Bylaws
  • Release Guidelines
  • Source Repository
  • How to Help FAQ

Project Documentation

  • About Struts Site (add text)
  • Project Info
  • Project Reports (fix - SVN issue?)
  • Development Process

Then, we can move the rest under the Core subproject:

Struts Core

  • Welcome (portions of 1st section, second section)
  • Learning
  • Using


  • User and Developer Guides
  • ...
  • FAQs

Project Documentation

  • ...

A New Theme?

Resources for contributors who would like to provide a new theme for the Struts site

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