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I want to use Validator for client-side

 validation. I put definations in validation.xml, put 
 onsubmit="return validateRegistryForm(this);" in my jsp file and do not 
 touch validator-rules.xml.  When I press submit button, the javascript 
 validation does not work. 

 Any wrong with that? 



Minimum steps to have built-in validation working:

  1. Add validation plug-in into the struts-config.xml

2. Put definitions in validation.xml 3. Add to the page:

    a) In the head section: <html:javascript formName="<form_name>" /> 
    b) for the form tag: onsubmit="return validate<form_name>(this)" 

4. Create application resource file with required keys (if does not exist yet) 5 Add reference to resource file into the struts-config.xml

P.S. it is possible to avoid step #4 and #5 if definitions in validation.xml do not require resources.

Regards, Sergey Smirnov

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