Out of the box, the framework supports JSP, Velocity, and FreeMarker for your application presentation layer. Support for other view technologies is easy to add, if needed.

JSP Example

The framework comes packaged with a tag library (taglibs) that make it easy to reference framework resources from JavaServer Pages.

<%@ taglib prefix="saf" uri="/action" %>
    <title>Cookbook - Simple Input Form using Action Properties</title>

<saf:form method="POST">
    <saf:textfield label="Please enter your name" name="name"/>

The process of events will go as follows:

  1. The client will make request for the page Input.do.
  2. Since the page has an .do extension, the framework will look up the action for Input.
  3. The framework will select the JSP to render.
  4. The JSP will use the saf tags to output fields, labels, hyperlinks, and localized messages.
  5. The client will receive pure HTML to render.
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