Please make sure you have read the Tag Syntax document and understand how tag attribute syntax works.


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To use method attribute (to use multiple submit buttons which direct to different action methods) you must set struts.enable.DynamicMethodInvocation to true but this can lead to security vulnerability - use with care! Instead you can try to use Multiple Submit Buttons solution.

This tag works with all themes, but has special importance when combined with the form tag in the ajax theme. Please read up on the ajax theme for more information.


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  1. [Struts 2.0.9] There's a bug in  IE6/IE7 which makes impossible to use the target's attribute with a parent Div, because such Div's content's are overwritten with the tag's LoadingText. Resulting in an "undefined" message in the content's, instead of the result of the request.

    One possible alternative is to set showLoadingText="false" and set the indicator attribute to an element showing the desired loading text or image (outside the div).

    <img id="loadingImage" src="images/loadingAnimation.gif" style="display:none"/>
    <s:div id="parentDiv">
        <s:form action="actionName">
            <s:submit  targets="parentDiv" showLoadingText="false" indicator="loadingImage"/>