URLValidator checks that a given field is a String and a valid URL


  • fieldName - The field name this validator is validating. Required if using Plain-Validator Syntax otherwise not required
  • urlRegexExpression - The regex defined as expression used to validate url. If not defined 'urlRegex' will be used instead
  • urlRegex - The regex used to validate url. If not defined default regex will be used


    <!-- Plain Validator Syntax -->
    <validator type="url">
        <param name="fieldName">myHomePage</param>
        <message>Invalid homepage url</message>

    <!-- Field Validator Syntax -->
    <field name="myHomepage">
        <field-validator type="url">
            <message>Invalid homepage url</message>

See more details in UrlValidator Annotation

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  1. The second example doesn't have the <validator type="url"> tag. Does it work anyway?