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  • Hypervisor and Management Server OS EOL Dates

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For any OSes/Hypervisors that are already EOL

  • Will no longer be tested/supported from the first release after June 2018 (6 months from original proposal). 
  • Will be removed from codebase (mainly the database) in the first release after Sept 2018 (9 months from original proposal).

'End Of Support' dates and 'Removal from Code' dates for the remaining OSes/Hypervisors.

End Of Support for management server OSes and Hypervisor OSes will be the first release after the EOL date from the 'vendor', with code removal taking place in the first release which occurs after 6 months from 'vendor' EOL date.

Published Vendor EOL Dates



'Vendor' EOLCloudStack EOSRemoval from codebase
6.2Jun-18First release after June 2018First release after Nov 2018
6.5Jun-18First release after June 2018First release after Nov 2018
7.1 LTSRAug-22