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The framework has:

  • A flexible, plain old Java object (POJO)-based architecture to structure your code and pages, yet stay out of your way
  • A theme-enabled tag library supporting JSP, Velocity, and Freemarker
  • Built in support for complex Javascript and Ajax widgets
  • A simple plugin framework to integrate with third-party libraries like JavaServer Faces, JasperReports, and JFreeChart.
  • Built-in debugging tools supporting profiling, problem reports, and interactive object model queries.
  • Automatic portlet support allowing portal and servlet deployments with no code changes.
  • Quick start development tools like Maven archetypes, automatic reloading configuration files, and bootstrap tutorials.
  • Support for multiple struts.xml files so that modules can be packaged in individual jars
  • The Jetty plugin bundled in the archetype for quick deployment
  • Reloaded configurations so that new code could be put into production on a live system