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Prosody is a lightweight XMPP server, written in lua. It's available from


Prosody is included in most linux distributions. For debian-based distros, run:

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$ sudo aptitude install prosody

To configure it, you may use the Prosody configuration tool provided with WaveInABox:

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$ ant -f server-config.xml server-federation-config prosody-config -Dxmpp_server_secret=secret_password -Dxmpp_server_ip=localhost

You may want to provide different -D options to suit your specific setup.

That will generate a prosody configuration file named something like: Copy it wherever Prosody can find it usually /etc/prosody/conf.d and restart the Prosody server:

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$ sudo cp /etc/prosody/conf.d/
$ sudo service prosody restart

You can now continue with the instructions for installing and running the server.