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  • BP-9 - Github issues for Issue Tracking

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Current state:  Under Discussion Done

Discussion thread:  N/A



  • Github Issue and Pull Requests

  • Issue Labeling

    • Release - We can use “milestone” for managing releases.

    • We can start with minimal labels, iterate and add more if the labels are really needed.

      • Type/Kind: {bug, feature, task}.

      • Component/Area: {protocol, client, bookie, tests, documentation}.

      • Priority: {blocker}. If it is a blocker, mark it a blocker. Otherwise leaves it unmarked.

  • Closing the PR

    • Ask INFRA if we have the permission to merge directly in Github.

    • If we have, enable “allow squash merging”, disable “allow merge commits” and “allow rebase merging” to make a clean commit history.

    • If we don’t have the permission, improving the merge-script to close both issue and PR.

  • Work Flow

    • If a change is in-progress but you want an early feedback, you can send out a pull request with "WIP - Issue xxxx".

    • If a change is done and you want to review, you can send out a pull request with "Issue xxxx".

    • If people reviewed a pull request and the change needs to be improved, people should "request changes" through the github review button.

      • The merge script should only merge changes approved by committers and no pending 'request changes'.


  • Requests corresponding permissions from INFRA

    • Permissions for committers to create labels and milestones

    • Permission for merge and close issues/pull requests

  • Add Issue and RP template under .github

  • Change to merge script to close PR and Issue

  • Update the pull request instruction at both website and wiki page

Update for Action
1, opened another ticket for join gitbox

serverASF JIRA

2, opened issue and PR for the template:
3, merge script:,