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serverASF JIRA

Authors: Daniel Nimishura, Shanthoosh Venkataraman

Released: TBDSamza-1.4

Table of Contents


Metadata Store

Referenced in the General Workflow above.

The out-of-band metadata store used is described by the metadata store abstraction feature (SAMZA-1786) from SEP-11. The Startpoints are stored within its own namespaces in the metadata store.


Referred to in Step 7 of the Loading Startpoints Upon Job Startup section above.

Code Block
public interface SystemAdmin {
   * Resolves the startpoint to a system specific offset.
   * @param startpoint represents the startpoint.
   * @param systemStreamPartition represents the system stream partition.
   * @return the resolved offset.
  String resolveStartpointToOffset(SystemStreamPartition systemStreamPartition, Startpoint startpoint);


A key part of the core Startpoint feature is for individual task instances to fetch the appropriate Startpoint keyed by SSP-only. The two approaches, fan-out and intent-ACK, have been explored with the analysis detailed in the following subsections. The fan-out strategy is favored over the intent-ACK strategy. See analysis and explanation below.


See General Workflow above for details


  • Follows the natural progression of the JobCoordinator calculating the job model and then applying the info in the job model to fan out the SSP to SSP-Task Startpoints.
  • Cleaner and simpler book keeping of Startpoints. SSP-only keyed Startpoints are deleted after fan out and SSP+TaskName keyed Startpoints are deleted upon offset commits.