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Camel 1.5.0 release

New and Noteworthy

Welcome to the 1.5.0 release which approx 266 issues resolved (new features, improvements and bug fixes such as...)

  • support for Guice for dependency injection along with a new Guice JMS Example
  • major improvements in FTP and File components
  • File consumers now default uses exclusive read locking when it consume files, meaning that they wont consume files that are in the progress of being written by third part. The FTP consumer has this support as well, however it is disabled by default as it requires write privileges.
  • File and FTP component supports expression to set dynamic filename patterns instead of using the FileComponent.HEADER_FILE_NAME header. See File Language for samples and use cases.
  • important changes in ProducerTemplate (see below)
  • Exception Clause now supports marking exceptions as being handled so callers doesn't receive the caused exception, but you can set the response to return instead. This is a very important feature.
  • various improvements in Flatpack and XMPP components
  • minor improvements in CXF, SpringIntegration, HTTP, Mail and Mina components
  • minor improvements in Aggregator supporting a better fluent builder, etc.
  • splitter now handles streaming avoiding reading entire content into memory (consuming very big 1gb files is now possible)
  • introduced new jt400, HL7, LDAP and Smooks components
  • introduced Delay Interceptor to slow down processing to show how things is happening nice and slow, so you are not bombarded with zillions of logging output.
  • Mail can now send html mails with the new contentType option
  • Camel Maven Archetypes now available in m2eclipse Maven project creation
  • Java WebStart support
  • refinements in loading resources using OSGi bundles, should now handle different OSGi platforms much better
  • Type Converter now supports Exchange as 2nd parameter to allow converters access to the Exchange and thus the CamelContext as well. To be used for setting encoding in the future.
  • New Loop api in DSL allows processing of a message a number of times, possibly in different ways.
  • Spring DSL improve
  • improved Tracer formatting and more options for configuration
  • improved support for all Endpoints, not just singletons in CamelContext.
  • minor tweaks to the Visualisation generator
  • IBM JDK support (notable exceptions)
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