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this content is obsolete, some parts may be more or less correct.

Header - <div id="banner">

Left - <div id="site">

  • - logo using the R followed by the vertical bar and a title - I think the bar and title should be black and not white.
  • - A version of OOo logo like Drew's that includes the words Apache along with an incubating notice.

Right - <div id="usersearch">

  • user login and account creation - Wiki and Forums
  • search boxes.
  • Language project link.

Top Navigation Bar - <div id="topnav">

  • Navigation tabs - varies as now but with some changes.

Content - <div id="pagebody">

This section only applies to the content in the Apache CMS. The MediaWiki and the User Forums add their own content.

Navigation - <div id="navigation">

  • Bookmark Navigation

Change to allow contents/${project}/sidenav.mdtext to override templates/sidenav.mdtext for markup within the contents/${project} directory and its subdirectories.

Center - <div id="content">

  • Content area contains the page markup.

Bottom Navigation Bar - <div id="bottomnav">

  • Contact Us link.
  • Privacy Policy link.
  • Copyrights link.
  • Terms of Use link.

For each link there should be a page for and a page for the project site. These pages are not in a wiki. They are in the project's svn repository.

Left - <div id="apachelogo">

  • The Apache incubator logo.

Center - <div id="legalnotices">

  • Trademark statement.
  • Copyright statement.

Right - <div id="poweredby">

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