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This page contains a record of components or features that have been part of OFBiz but are now removed. The information in this page should help to get the original source code from svn history.
If you need a component or features, you will be able to get them easily since they will still be archived in the repository.
For those who are not Subversion power users: even after being removed at some revision, a directory or a file is still in the repository. So you can get it if you update to a revision before the removing.

iDEAL (3rd party fintech integration)

Removed with rev. 1846229, 1846227 on 2018-11-09

This integration was removed from OFBiz for following reasons:

  • the code was experimental and not really used by any OFBiz adopter
  • the code had no active maintainer

OFBIZ-5444 - Getting issue details... STATUS OFBIZ-5445 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Removed with rev. 1301866, 1302102, 1308359 in date 2012-03-17
You can find information about Webslinger here:
The Webslinger component was removed from OFBiz for the following reasons:

  • no active committer was maintaining the webslinger component
  • the component was experimental and not really used by OFBiz
  • the component was really big (lot of jars etc...) and we are trying to slim down the OFBiz framework and keep only the essential/useful features
  • this fixes a security issue

The only Webslinger feature used by the OFBiz framework was the "service debug mode" (enabled by default with the property servicedispatcher.servicedebugmode): it relied on Webslinger legacy code (in the org.webslinger.invoker.* package) that was never contributed as a source file to the OFBiz project; the source files for Webslinger don't seem to be publicly available:
the svn resources mentioned there are broken. The fact that the OFBiz frameework was dependent (for a feature useful only in development mode) on an external project that doesn't publish its source code (at least in an easy to find location) convinced me that it was better to clean up the dependency completely; on the bright side OFBiz should now use less memory.


Removed with rev. 1381884 the 2012-09-07
This was an initial implementation of a workflow in OFBiz. It was the base used by the Shark team to create the Shark workflow.
The Worflow component was removed from OFBiz for the following reasons:

  • No active committer was maintaining this component
  • It was no longer used in OFBiz
  • It has been somehow superceded by the ECAs mechanism


Removed with rev. 1343064, 1343065 the 2012-05-27
First release(s) without the feature: NA
You can find information about Shark here
The Shark component was removed from OFBiz for the following reasons:

  • No active committer was maintaining this component
  • It was no longer used in OFBiz
  • It seems to have finally turned in to a commercial product


Removed with rev.1354380 the 2012-06-27
Seleniumxml was a subcomponent of the framework/testtools intended to facilitate the usage of Selenium tests in OFBiz.
However it was never upgraded to the new version of Selenium and it has not been widely adopted by the community; the OFBiz community agreed to remove components/tools like this from the core distribution if they are optional/very specific or not well maintained or if there is (as in the case of Selenium) a valid external alternative to perform the same actions.

Minerva and XAPool

Removed with r1356471 the 2012-07-02 (+r1356688 the 2012-07-03, r1360902 the 2012-07-12 and r1482796 the 2013-05-15 for trivial stuff forgotten)
Minerva and XAPool were data base connections managers included in OFBiz but not used OOTB for years. XAPool was LGPL licensed hence could not be used in OFBiz since the project joined the ASF. Minerva was used as data base connections manager before being replaced by Apache DBCP around Summer 2007. The Minerva sources were patched/fixed by the OFBiz project because of some issues. But nobody knows where they are (if they still exist).


Removed with rev. 1409880 the 2012-11-15
A set of tools for the distribution and deployment of OFBiz to Debian systems.


Removed with rev. 1465254
GroovyShellContainer was working as a telnet server to provide a shell for the execution of Groovy commands; itwas disabled by default for security reasons; it has been removed because it was based on some code distributed with unclear license terms.


Removed with rev. 1580778

After r1465250 the crowd component was disabled and after r1465252 unusable (no Axis 1 lib accessible). It was not actively maintained, based on an old version of Crowd and required some old jars (Axis 1) removed from the framework (which runs on "Axis 2").

WFS handlers

Removed with rev. 1616446


Incomplete, unmaintained and unused support for WFS. This code had also a series of issues: low level calls to Freemarker components that may change with newer versions of Freemarker, references to hotwaxmedia, wrong location for ftl files.

JSP Regions

Removed with rev. 1621971 


Old and no more used support for JSP Regions.

Custom OFBiz JSP taglib

Removed with rev. 1621979 


 Old and no more used custom JSP taglib.


Removed with rev. 1622010 


Old and no more used JPublish code.


Removed with rev. 1622979


Old, not maintained and never really used integration with the DataVision reporting engine. 


Removed with rev. 1622980 and 1622982


Old, not maintained and never really used integration with the Apache Velocity template engine.


Removed with rev. 1644469


framework/sql was an attempt to create a specialized SQL parser for the OFBiz entity engine. The idea was to use a standardized SQL string that the parser would convert to entity conditions and Delegator calls. So, you could use the same SQL string on any database. The component was never finished.


Removed at revision: 1348429 the 2015-03-21.

Description:  OFBIZ-6195 - Getting issue details... STATUS Back in the day (pre r11.x) the appserver componend enabled users to have OFBiz working in external web containers, like Apache Tomcat/Geronimo, IBM Websphere/WASCE


Removed at revision: 1674482 the 2015-04-18.

Description: OFBIZ-6223 - Getting issue details... STATUS The "jetty" component was an alternative to the "catalina" component.

Google Checkout

Removed at revision: 1751262 the 2016-07-04.

OFBIZ-7705 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Google Base

Removed at revision: 1751263 the 2016-07-04.

OFBIZ-7727 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Removed at revision: 1754402 the 2016-07-28.

OFBIZ-7804 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Stale java files in application/framework

Removed with revisions 1754634, 1754635, 1754636, 1754637, 1754644, 1754645, 1754598, 1754599 on 2016-07-31

Following files and their references from application/framework were removed based on the discussion in this thread.

  • applications/content/src/org/ofbiz/content/openoffice/
  • applications/content/src/org/ofbiz/content/openoffice/
  • applications/content/src/org/ofbiz/content/openoffice/
  • applications/content/src/org/ofbiz/content/openoffice/
  • applications/content/src/org/ofbiz/content/report
  • applications/content/src/org/ofbiz/content/report/
  • applications/content/src/org/ofbiz/content/report/
  • applications/product/src/
  • applications/securityext/src/org/ofbiz/securityext/thirdparty/truition/
  • framework/webapp/src/org/ofbiz/webapp/view/
  • framework/webapp/src/org/ofbiz/webapp/view/
  • framework/webapp/src/org/ofbiz/webapp/view/
  • framework/webapp/src/org/ofbiz/webapp/view/

OFBIZ-7529 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Removed at revision: 1760484  the 2016-09-13

OFBIZ-8241 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Removed with rev. 1763454


It was removed because it had never attracted much attention and because of the tricky license of the XML schema files under specialpurpose/oagis/dtd/. These files are part of an old and unmaintained version of OAGIS and we could not upgrade them because since their inclusion in OFBiz the newer versions have been re-licensed under an incompatible license.


Removed with rev. 1816879

OFBIZ-10032 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Old and somehow redundant backend themes

Removed with rev. 1767881 +  176789 + 1767920

OFBIZ-8293 - Getting issue details... STATUS


In this section are listed minor parts/subcomponents of OFBiz that are no longer available.

ij.script and derbytools-

Removed at revision: 1338173 the 2012-05-14. Reasons for this:

ScreenWidgetViewHandler class and related

Removed at revision: 1348429 the 2012-06-09. Reason for this:

Ability to persist cache entries in the file system

Removed at revision: 1751817 the 2016-07-07. Reasons for the removal:

This feature has been contributed a long time ago as an experimental feature but never really matured into a production ready artifact: since it was contributed, no users asked about how to use it, or tested it, or reported bugs or enhancement requests.
More importantly, the feature has always been disabled in the OFBiz framework (i.e. the widget code and the entity engine code were not using it).
The most compelling reason for its removal is that the feature was based on a snapshot, unreleased version of JDBM, which is now a mostly dead project: for licensing reasons we are no more allowed to bundle jars in our releases. Additionally, having code that relies an old jar from a no more active project represents a maintenance issue for the community.

Old icons

Removed at revision: 1753774 the 2016-07-22. Reasons for the removal:


This is certainly not a major issue but I saw no reasons to keep these old unused images. Done at  OFBIZ-7919 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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