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Apache OFBiz™ delivers a rich feature set for charity management, e-commerce, manufacturing, project management and retail and trade. It can be used in organisations in all sectors and of all sizes in any country.


Apache OFBiz offers a great deal of functionality, including:

  • advanced e-commerce
  • catalog management
  • promotion & pricing management
  • order management (sales & purchase)
  • customer management
  • warehouse management
  • fulfillment (auto stock moves, batched pick, pack & ship)
  • accounting (invoice, payment & billing accounts, fixed assets)
  • manufacturing management
  • general work effort management (events, tasks, projects, requests, etc)
  • content management (for product content, web sites, general content, blogging, forums, etc)
  • a maturing Point Of Sales (POS) module using XUI as rich client interface
  • Internationalisation and localisation
  • Business Inteligence integration

Table of content

Base Applications


  • help screens for Invoice, Payment and billing accounts

  • create sales tax entries on an invoice without an order.

  • FinAccount(Bank Account) section -

    • Added a Deposit/Withdraw facility for user to deposit/withdraw payments in the Bank.

    • Added deposit slip facility to the Bank Account so that user can make a logical group of Payments for bulk deposit/withdraw

    • User can create a new Payment from here and can directly associate to the current Bank Account

    • Add a facility to reconcile a Bank Account by creating a new GlReconciliation record and assign bank transaction to that reconciliation id.

    • Fixed the issues in Reconciliation of Gl Account

    • Modify FinAccountTransaction entity and added a new field - statusId to it.

  • GlReconciliation entity - statusId.

    • AP - Invoice - Purchase Invoice - User can issue CHECK payment for incoming invoices for given bank account id.

    • AP - Invoice - Commission Run - This will search for Outgoing invoices for which any commission have to be paid and create commission invoices for selected invoices.

    • AR - Payment - Batch Payment a new feature by which user can create a group of payments that can be used for reconciliation.

  • Reports

    • Inventory Valuation,

    • Income statements,

    • Comparative Income Statement,

    • Transaction Total,

    • Gl Account Trail Balance,

    • Monthly Trial Balance,

    • Cost Center (New)

    • For above reports also provide facility to different exports - PDF/CSV.

    • Now Above reports are showing consolidated balance of its ROLLUP party.

  • Payment Gateway in OFBiz - The name of that Gateway is "Chase Orbital". Document for its use will be available soon.

  • Support of 3.1 and use the new Payment Gateway Config features.

  • Integration of RBS WorldPay Select Junior and support of new Payment Gateway Config features.

  • screens to see billing accounts and returns information under Fin. History tab in Party.

  • Manual Payment Gateway Transaction (manual transactions supported are : authorise, capture, credit, refund, release).

  • Support of CyberSource v5.0.2 and use the new Payment Gateway Config features.

  • Payment Gateway Configurations and use of it on Product Store Payment Settings.

  • PayPal is now using the new Payment Gateway Config.

  • PayflowPro is now using the new Payment Gateway Config and support API v4.31, v2 & v3 will be end of life from September 2009.

  • Payrol invoice/payment check. It is now possible to create a payroll invoice/payment and print the related itemised check

  • apply a payment on an invoice of another currency, removed the convertinvoice service.

  • timeentries on an invoice overview

  • CapturePaymentsByInvoice service doesn't return not optional parameter while processing multiple orders invoice

  • Updated Cybersource configuration and code; code changes are minor only changes for java 5 (unboxing and generics)

  • Save an Invoice as Invoice Template

  • setup multiple net days payment terms to agreements/orders/invoices (for example: "after 30 days pay the 50%, after 60 days pay the 40%, after 90 days pay the remaining 10%"); added screens to filter for invoices by due date of the payment terms (for example: "show past due date invoices").

Content & Survey Management

  • Docbook documents and help screens now showing in the proper visual scheme.

  • Most if not all upload content screens now also allow to select existing content using the content navigator. This will enable the reuse of documents

  • The DocBooK document xml format is now supported including the generation of an HTML version. This opens up the possibility to move all documents inside the ofbiz system and an integration with the help system. The internal documents can also be made visible without having to login. An example OFBiz document is available at the url:

  • The Help system is improved by adding the possibility to have help files internal in the OFBiz system.


  • Implemented feature to allow to set default values for survey questions; response can be generated by setting values (via a map) in the wrapper before rendering

  • Implemented GEO and ENUMERATION types for Survey Questions; now ANY Geo Group or Enumeration Type can be listed as survey option lists

  • Implemented code to support pre-account email verification (verify email before account is created)

Human Resources Management

  • Training management.

Manufacturing Management & Materials Resource Planning

Define production schemas and tasks to be used as templates for production runs. Manage Bills of Material of intermediate, marketing and end products. Includes an integrated Materials Resource Planning system.

For more information about the application, visit Manufacturing Management.

Marketing Communication

Manage contact lists and execute mass communications

Sales Force Automation

Manage accounts, contact and Leads. Monitor progress on opportunity and manage forecasts.

Requests, Quotes, Order & Requirements Management

  • UPS integration support for sending Shipment Return Label email to customer. This option will be available on order detail screen and as well on return screen when order is in COMPLETED status and return is in ACCEPTED status respectively.

  • getting online shipping charges from UPS if an order is in approved status with associated shipment in PICKED status and it has been hold due to an overage in the shipping charges from Weight Package only screen.

  • After a return for refund, exchange order can be created against original order.

  • return type "Replace Immediately". This could be used with returns for which items are not expected to be returned and even item(s) cost less then the shipping charges.

  • filters on find order page. This filter is about finding orders ship to a country. This work along with the option "Include Only" and "Do Not Include". With the former option system will display only orders that are ship to the selected country and with latter it will display only order that are not shipped to the selected country.

  • feature to show/hide out of stock products on site. This new implementation is configurable through a new field showOutOfStockProducts (by default equal to Y) on ProductStore.

  • option to add a new shipping address from Order detail page.

  • generate pick sheet PDF for an order from Order Detail Page.

  • search filters on find order page. They are shipping method, order viewed and PaymentGatewayResponse - gatewayAvsResult, gatewayScoreResult.

  • feature to mark order as viewed.

  • Introduced new return type "Wait Replacement Reserved" for returns of order, with this when return is accepted immediately create replacement order, in the "Held" status and when original item return is received HELD replacement order(s) auto-set the status to APPROVED to clear them for fulfilment.

  • while placing purchase order, orderId can be supplied explicitly. If not supplied then it will be created automatically.

  • "cancelBackOrderDate", like others for OrderItem(purchase order). Field is shown in order detail page and on Purchase order PDF if exists;  Also added scheduled service (midnight daily) which searches for purchase orders with Cancel Back Order Date and cancels order if the date is in past.

  • add more than one product at a time to purchase order in order detail page with single add form.

  • purchase order

  • sales tax calculation

  • Configurable products with Virtual product options

  • returns of purchase orders to suppliers

  • Store Order Items

Payments with Credit Cards

  • Completed implementation for security codes (ccv2) for credit cards in the order component

Party Management

  • Geolocation added with demo data for parties, facilities, container (not much used in OFBiz yet) and fixed assets

  • Show party status and externalId on partyscreens, and popups only show parties which have the status party_enabled

  • Some improvements to the financial history screen.

  • Fix an issue with Upload CSV in "Address Match Map" Party menu (importAddressMatchMapCsv).

  • Enhanced the communication event screens and created specific forms for emails and internal notes.

  • Created the possibility to create Customer requests from incoming emails which allows the import into the project manager component where request can be converted into project tasks.

  • When emails come into the system and the email is not known, a form is added which allos the quick creation of new parties. Also has a mass delete button to delete incoming spam.

  • Make viewing own tasks possible in profile

  • Introduction of a scheduled job which is executed every 5 minutes and which send entered emails. This job also allows to send emails in the future

  • Converted Party Manager->View Profile->Subscriptions screenlet to form widget

Catalog, Products, Store, Price and Inventory Management

  • screen with Facility Tab: "Verify Pick" to allow user to verify a pick.

  • Packing screen improved to use verified orders from Verify Pick screen by using existing shipment and invoice created from "Verify Pick"

  • Facility-->Picking User can select options for preparing a group on the basis of Shipping method, Warehouse area and Number of order items (one to two, three or more). So that group of Orders are created according to selected options.

  • In picking screen after grouping orders per selected factors by the user functionality for printing pick sheet of group of orders, which will show detailed information of each order like shipping method, and number of order items in each order.

  • migrating FacilityRole to FacilityParty

  • Misc small enhancements to the Product Catalog "Inventory" screen

  • Inventory Item look up

  • Converted the FindProductConfigItems screen to use a form widget

  • status for non serialised items to the production run issuance routine

  • Add possibility for entering comments for configurable product options. The comments are attached to production runs as notes

  • uploading additional Product Views (images)

  • Problems in virtual product's detail page if productFeatureTypeId contain non alfa characters

  • Create a hyperlink from the contentId on the productContent form

  • Now Shipping Total adjustments can be applied using promotion. User can specify percentage discount on a specific shipping method. This may be used for free shipping if needed.


  • Introduction to "Weight Package Only" screen for the verified orders from Verify Pick process with support of UPS integration.

  • UPS integration enhancement for supporting shipping quote based on dimensions as well.


  • screen to search (by product, date, type etc...) and display the inventory movements (inventory item details) with information about shipments, sales/purchase orders, returns, manufacturing orders, physical manual variances; there are three views of the movements: by inventory item, by product or by date.

  • export warehouse inventory report in CSV format


  • Implemented validity dates for the ProductPromoCode entity: it is now possible to specify the validity period for a promotional code

  • Enhanced support for manual promotions (i.e. promotions that are associated to a store but are applied only if the order entry clerk explicitly selects them)

Work Effort

  • iCalendar support. OFBiz can be used as an iCalendar server - enabling users to share calendar information using their iCalendar-aware client (Mozilla Sunbird, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Vista Calendar, cell phone, PDA). Users can publish department calendars, project calendars, company vacation calendars, etc. They can check on the availability of a conference room, or find out when service is due on a fixed asset - right from their calendar client.

  • iCalendar support added to the Work Effort application. Work efforts can be "published" in iCalendar format.

  • availability (transparency) to party and fixed asset assignments

  • Temporal Expression support to Work Effort. Recurring work efforts appear in the calendar.

Special Purpose

Asset Management and Maintenance

Manage your fixed assets, production equipment and more. Plan maintenance and service task.

For more information about the application, visit: Asset Management

Business Intelligence & Reporting

OFBiz™, through its bi component, offers a a solution for business intelligence integration. The component encompasses the entities for Dimension and Fact tables and star schemas, as well as the services and underlying functions to load these Data Warehouse tables with data OFBiz transactions  through ECAs and/or scheduled services.

For more information: Business Intelligence

E-Commerce integration

OFBiz™ offers a highly flexible and expandable e-commerce solution, but also integrates and extends 3rd party webshop solutions.

To see the integrated e-commerce solution in action, visit OFBiz eCommerce

LDAP integration

Integrate with external Directory Servers, e.g. Apache Directory™ Server

User Self Service portal

Enabling both internal (employees) and external (customers, sub-contractors) to manage their own profile for the back-end applications of OFBiz™, register time spent on projects and manufacturing tasks and manage their schedule and tasks.

For more information about the application, visit: User Self Service

POS & web POS

POS is now in Attic

With  OFBIZ-7804 - Getting issue details... STATUS the POS has been pushed in  OFBiz Attic.The last released version with the POS available was R12.04.06. It's though still available in the R14.12 and 15.12 non released branches. It'll not be availble with the R16 release. All the documentation below is reliable and usable before revision 1754402
  • Special purpose component for a pos web based application.
  • Changed some services to support BigDecimal
  • Add a new "terminalName" on PosTerminal entity and then show it on web pos login

Project Management

The Project Management application offers a rich feature set to manage both internal and external project. It offers resource allocation to projects and tasks, Gantt charts and time spent approval. Approved time spent will generate invoices in the Accounting application.

For more information about the application, visit: Project Management.

Agile/Scrum Project Management

The Scrum application offers everything to manage scrum project, sprints and product backlogs.

For more information about the application, visit Scrum Management.

Payment Solutions integration

OFBiz™ integrates with 3rd party Payment Solutions



Go Software




And works with all major credit cards.

Shipment Solutions integration

OFBiz™ integrates with leading 3rd party Shipment Solutions

Internationalisation and Localisation

OFBiz™ works in your country too. Have a look at our language adoption page, see here: Information on translated languages in OFBiz

Business Intelligence

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