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In the Yahoo Interface module we are dealing with websites external to ofbiz.
Note: you can have a lot of external stores this way
So we create a product Store the name and ID are not really important but using the Store name found in the xml that is sent helps identify the store for the users of the ofbiz. https://localhost:8443/catalog/control/FindProductStore
click on Create New Product Store(en)
once you click on Update Note the ProductStoreID

  • click on Websites in the menu above the Product Store and click on Create WebSite For Store
  • or click on the Content tab and click in Create New WebSite
    put the Storename found in the xml that are sent to or read by ofbiz, for the WebsiteID
    This will tie the external store to ofbiz.
    Programmatically you can then extract the storename from the eternal website xml file that ofbiz reads and find the appropriate ProductStore to:
  • Get inventory information
  • Update Product information
  • process orders.
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