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Manager Reference: Accounting

.1 Accounting - Main Tab

.1.1 General Notice of Caution

This Document is incomplete and based upon a product (The Accounting Manager) which is currently undergoing major changes. Information included herein is not considered reliable. Please wait for further refinement before using the contents of this Manager Reference document.

.1.2 Conventions in this document

.1.2.1 The asterisk

Items marked with an asterisk ' * ' are required entry fields. If no data is entered, the update will not be accepted.

.1.2.2 Greater-than symbols >>

A pair of greater-than symbols in an item means that the action to the left 'leads to' or invokes the action to the right of those symbols. For example, Update >> Edit Account means that by clicking on the link key Update, the application will process information entered in the present screen and take you to the next screen which might be the Edit Account screen.

.1.2.3 Bracketed words [or phrases]

Links from one screen to an action or another screen are presented in this document with brackets around them. On the screen they may or may not be surrounded by brackets - [ ]. When listed in the text, their presence indicates that they are accessible from the screen under discussion.

.1.3 main

.1.4 Main - the opening screen

Upon selecting the Accounting Manager, you are taken first to this screen. From here select one of the tabs presented across the top of the screen ( Agreements, Billing Accounts, Invoices , etc.). Or, find the link listed which specifically describes what you would like to see. Once a link is followed, the screen presents options for working within that information arena.

For example, to find an existing billing account, either click on the Billing Accounts tab or the link titled Show Customer Billing Accounts . Each route takes you to the opening screen under Billing Accounts.

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