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What is Bigtop Sandbox?

A handy tool to run big data pseudo clusters on Docker.

How to run

Make sure you have Docker installed. We've tested this using Docker for Mac

Currently supported OS list:

  • debian-8
  • ubuntu-16.04

Run Hadoop HDFS

docker run -d -p 50070:50070 bigtop/sandbox:1.2.1-ubuntu-16.04-hdfs
For HDFS, it takes around 30 secs. You can use docker logs to see whether it has been provisioned:
BIGTOP=$(docker run -d -p 50070:50070 bigtop/sandbox:1.2.1-ubuntu-16.04-hdfs)
docker logs -f $BIGTOP
After provisioned, goto http://localhost:50070, you'll see the web UI is ready there.
To destroy the container:
docker stop $BIGTOP
docker rm $BIGTOP

Run Hadoop HDFS + HBase

BIGTOP=$(docker run -d -p 50070:50070 -p 16010:16010 bigtop/sandbox:1.2.1-ubuntu-16.04-hdfs_hbase)
docker exec -ti $BIGTOP hbase shell

Run Hadoop HDFS + Spark Standalone

BIGTOP=$(docker run -d -p 50070:50070 -p 8080:8080 bigtop/sandbox:1.2.1-ubuntu-16.04-hdfs_spark-standalone)
docker exec -ti $BIGTOP spark-shell


Run Hadoop HDFS + YARN + Hive + Pig

BIGTOP=$(docker run -d -p 50070:50070 -p 8088:8088 bigtop/sandbox:1.2.1-ubuntu-16.04-hdfs_yarn_hive_pig)
docker exec -ti $BIGTOP hive
docker exec -ti $BIGTOP pig

How to build

Download Bigtop

Go to and download the latest bigtop release. After downloaded:

Build a Hadoop HDFS sandbox image

./ -a bigtop -o ubuntu-16.04 -c hdfs

Build a Hadoop HDFS, Hadoop YARN, and Spark on YARN sandbox image

./ -a bigtop -o ubuntu-16.04 -c "hdfs, yarn, spark"

Build a Hadoop HDFS and HBase sandbox image

./ -a bigtop -o ubuntu-16.04 -c "hdfs, hbase"

Use --dryrun to skip the build and get Dockerfile and configuration

./ -a bigtop -o ubuntu-16.04 -c "hdfs, hbase" --dryrun

Change the repository of packages

export REPO=
./ -a bigtop -o ubuntu-16.04 -c "hdfs, yarn, ignite"

Customize your Big Data Stack

vim site.yaml.template.debian-8_hadoop # Configure your own stack
./ -a bigtop -o debian-8 -f site.yaml.template.debian-8_hadoop -t my_hadoop_stack

Known issues

Fail to start daemons using systemd

Since systemd requires CAP_SYS_ADMIN, currently any OS using systemd can not successfully started up daemons during image build time.

Daemons can be brought up only if --privileged specified using docker run command.


Available Sandboxes:

Build status:

DataWorks Summit 2017 slide:


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