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Below are the most important mailing lists for the Apache NetBeans project.




e-mailPurpose of mailing listArchive

Asking questions about the usage of NetBeans, whether for Java, JavaScript, C/C++, or any other language or technology, as well as those using the NetBeans APIs for developing modules and applications. Using prefix tags in the subject line, such as [ netcat ] or [ java ] is encouraged, to clearly distinguish the topic you're addressing in your e-mail.

In most cases this is the mailing list you want.

Apache Mail Archive

Pony Mail

devdev@netbeans.incubator.apache.orgSpecifically for those committed to working on the development of Apache NetBeans itself, as well as those committed to promoting and documenting it, via events and tutorials, etc.

Apache Mail Archive

Pony Mail



Send an e-mail to <shortname>

For example to subscribe to the users mailing list you would send an e-mail to


Send an e-mail to <shortname>

For example to unsubscribe from the users mailing list you would send an e-mail to

Please, do not send unsubscribe messages directly to the list itself.

By far the most common unsubscription problem is attempting to unsubscribe from an address that is not subscribed, perhaps because it is different to the one originally subscribed.  If you're not sure which of your email addresses is subscribed, you can find out by examining the headers of a list message.

Digest Subscriptions

The mailing lists can also be subscribed to in digest form, so that you at most receive one e-mail per day.

To subscribe in digest form, send e-mail to <shortname>, e.g. to Similarly, if you want to unsubscribe from the daily digest, you would send an e-mail to <shortname>


In general, mailing lists for Apache projects - and Apache NetBeans is no exception - are managed by ezmlm.


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