Release Notes for Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3

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General Remarks

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3 is a maintenance release incorporating important bug fixes, security fixes, updated dictionaries, and build fixes. All users of Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 or earlier are advised to upgrade. You can download Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3 at the usual place. Please review these Release Notes to learn what is new in this version as well as important remarks concerning known issues and their workarounds.


Bug Fixes

For a complete overview of all resolved issues please see the list in Bugzilla.

Language Support

English (en_GB)English (en_US)


German (de)German Austria (de_AT)German Switzerland (de_CH)
Dutch (nl)French (fr)Italian (it)
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Khmer (km)Scottish Gaelic (gd)Basque (eu)
Slovanian (sl)Norwegian (no)Swedish (sv)
Portuguese European (pt_PT)Catalan (ca_XV)


For a complete list of available languages and language packs see the download webpage (click the language drop-down-box)

Platform Support

Binaries are still provided for the same platforms as for the previous OpenOffice 4.x releases:


Known Issues

Installation Information

Installation instructions can be found at:

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