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Build system and stack DSL

Apache Bigtop has moved away from the original make-based system at the end of 2014. We have decided in favor of more human-oriented and a way more powerful Gradle-based approach. Thanks to the amazing power of Apache Groovy, it was easy to create a descriptive DSL for software stacks under the Bigtop control. By default, the stack definition is located in at the top-level project's folder. Here's a snipped of the self-documented DSL 


A special note needs to be made about building components with -SNAPSHOT versions. Because RPM format doesn't permit symbol - in the package name, one needs to remove the suffix from the package version string. Fortunatelly, it is very easy to do in a Groovy DSL:

Yes, you can substract -SNAPSHOT token from the base version string.

Setting up the CI environment

How to build...

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