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Clone Bigtop repo

You can do it either from

  • official Apache Bigtop repo

    Clone the repo
    git clone
  • or from Github mirror (see

Setting up development environment from scratch:

Make sure you have sudo and a suitable java runtime installed. Bootstrap the environment using the provided Gradle wrapper script 

   % ./gradlew toolchain

Using pre-built Docker images (Bigtop-1.0)

Another way is to run inside of the pre-built Docker images that we are using for CI builds. The work isn't fully wrapped-up, but you can start using these containers immediately as explained in this BIGTOP-1323 comment

As per registry the name bigtop/slaves with following tags are available for the Bigtop-1.0 branch

  • centos-6.4
  • fedora-20
  • opensuse-12.3
  • ubuntu-10.04
  • ubuntu-12.04
  • ubuntu-14.04
  • debian-8

which you can run by (as an example)

$ docker run -v `pwd`:/ws bigtop/slaves:ubuntu-14.04 bash -l -c 'cd /ws ; gradle bigtop-jsvc-pkg' 

which will download the image, create an instance of the container and run the build.

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