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This features will allow for developers to write their own plugins and install them into CloudStack as well as utilizing the current ui in maintaining a cohesive design/experience.


This is a functional spec of the 3rd party plugin feature.


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Document History


Feature Specifications

  1. The developer  will write a plugin that they would like to add into CloudStack
  2.  Using a predetermined file hierarchy we create, the developer will place their plugin within the folder structure and fill out a plugin.js file
  3. The admin will then place this folder into the existing CloudStack “plugin”
  4. The admin will then add this new listing onto the plugin.js file that lies within that folder
  5. The user then just has to refresh the browser and the plugin will be available to use.

The listing of the available plugins will be accessed via a plugin button in the navigation.

Implementing plugins

UI Plugin Tutorial

Web Services APIs

UI flow

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Appendix A:

Appendix B: