Marketing and Promotion Plan for 4.1.0






Date Needed


Request for interviews

Contact media outlets and groups about the release of 4.2 and arrange for interviews.


29 Sept. 2013

In Process

Release Announcement

A release announcement about the 4.2.0 release.

mormullins - Write / ChipC, jzb, ke4qqq - Post on Blog

1 Oct. 2013

In Process

Post for Blog

A longer-form post for the CloudStack blog to talk about new features, bugs fixed in the release, the release process, etc. More of a feature than a dry announcement.

mormullins - Write / ChipC, jzb, ke4qqq - Post

4 Oct. 2013

In Process

Social Media Campaign

Suggested Tweets for the release, reaching out to "influencers" to spread the word

jzb, ke4qqq, ChipC, Giles, others

Industry Media Coverage

Posts from the external community that has contributed to the project and has integrated into CloudStack. Cisco, NetApp, SolidFire, Etc...

(mtitkowski?, JBurwell?)), others

External Blogs and Posts

Promotion of the announcement, features, community work.

Giles?, Ilya?, mormullins, ke4qqq?, ChipC?, jzb?, others

Talking Points

57 New Features:
  • UCS Provision
  • Support for Windows 2012 Server and Windows 2008
  • Support of S3 secondary Storage
  • Midonet Network Plug-in
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Dynamic Scale-up of Resources
  • SNMP Alerts
  • Cisco ASA Support
  • Greater integration with VMware ESXi support
  • VM based Snapshots
  • SolidFire integration of IOPS controlled storage
29 Feature Improvements
  • Support for XenServer 6.2
  • OSX support on ESXi 5.1
  • Storage Migration for ESXi
  • Support of Nicira NVP networking
1900+ Bug Features
  • Swift Fixes
  • Documentation Fixes
  • Need some help sorting through what the most important are.

Release Draft


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