Information about contributing to marketing for Apache CloudStack can be found on this page.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is an important part of any community project, and can be done in a open, transparent, collaborative manner similar to development, QA, documentation, and other facets of the project.

Marketing can help to reach out to several groups:

  • Those who could potentially use the project
  • Those who could potentially contribute to the project
  • Press folks who write about the project

This outreach can take multiple forms:

  • General release announcements
  • Web- or wiki-based information
  • Printed materials

How to Contribute

Anyone is welcome to contribute to marketing efforts for Apache CloudStack. You do not have to be a committer or PMC member. You certainly don't have to be a developer, but if you are, that's great. You don't need to be a marketing expert. You just have to be interested in CloudStack and willing to help promote it.

Marketing efforts are discussed on the list (to subscribe, email

Release Announcements

Release announcements for major (e.g. 4.0.0-incubating) and minor (e.g. 4.0.1-incubating) releases need to be drafted on the -dev or (future) -marketing mailing list and be approved by lazy consensus.

Release announcements are on the marketing announcement page.

Web-based / "inbound" marketing to potential users and/or contributors

While there is a world of marketing that can be done to this end, there are a few easy things that can be done with simple participation from members of the community. Getting easy-to-find information in front of potential users and contributors as they land on the main webpage can help out.

List: Who uses Apache CloudStack?

Providing a list of organizations using Apache CloudStack can draw in potential users, because it can give a sense of confidence; it can also appeal to potential contributors, in that they realize that their contribution will reach many users.

This list can potentially be added as a link on the main website; additions to this list can be added on a regular (to-be-determined) basis to the web page.

Wiki-based list of organizations is located here.

List: How Apache CloudStack is being used

Many people do presentations at conferences about their usage of Apache CloudStack. Getting real-world examples in front of potential users can show them the versatility of the project.

This list can potentially be added as a link on the main website; additions to this list can be added on a regular (to-be-determined) basis to the web page.

If you have given a presentation about your usage of Apache CloudStack, please add it here.

  • Presentation Title
    • Your Name
    • Date / Location of Presentation (Or date of creation - You are free to create presentations about usage even if you haven't given it publicly!)
    • Link to presentation
  • How I use Apache CloudStack!
    • Cloudy Person
    • 2012-12-02
    • Link goes here!
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