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Feature: Ability to delete Events and Alerts

Background: Customers have filed enhancement request to request a way to delete alerts. They would prefer not to do it through the database, instead want to acknowledge alerts and remove them. Some of these alerts are months old and makes no sense to keep, according to them. Currently there is no way to control Alerts via API (you can only list them). They would  prefer not to do it through the database but as stated above, there is no way today to acknowledge and remove them.


-          Able to select one or more alerts/events and delete them using API or UI

-          Able to archive the selected alerts/events instead of delete – archive will not show them on the UI/listed via API, but will still be maintained in the DB (for auditing/compliance purposes)

-          Ability to delete alerts by a time period

-          Ability to delete alerts by a “category”?

-          Introduce “alert.purge.delay” – alerts older than specified number of days will be purged. Value set to 0 to never purge events automatically (there already exists an “event purge delay” global config


-          List archived alerts/events via UI/API

Open Questions:

-          Is auditing a non-requirement?

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