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  • History of CloudStack Doc Writers
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What's This?

A place for new doc contributors to Apache CloudStack to learn about what happened before they got here. This might help explain why we do things the way we do.



  • startup founded, invents CloudStack

Summer 2010

  • comes out of "stealth mode," CloudStack announced
  • Original docs written by senior engineers
  • 1 tech writer added to staff, Jessica Tomechak

Spring 2011

  • sets up (aka, powered by MindTouch, aka "the old CloudStack docs site"

Summer 2011

  • Citrix acquires and CloudStack

Spring 2012

  • Added second CloudStack writer, Radhika PC
  • Start converting all CloudStack docs from Word to Docbook
  • Citrix donates CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation, April, 2012
  • Radical change in doc strategy
  • Very active, vocal open-source community influencing doc decisions and contributing documentation
  • Moved Docbook XML files into Apache-owned git code repository

Fall 2012

  • First Apache CloudStack release, v4.0, goes out on Nov 6. Based on code and docs donated by Citrix from CloudPlatform 3.0.5.
  • replaced with Apache infrastructure,

Spring 2016

  • Revived documentation effort with Daan Hoogland, Paul Angus and Ron Wheeler

What Was New

This is an archive of the What's New posts from the Doc Writers page.

November, 2012: We have published the documentation for the first Apache CloudStack release.

September, 2012: Preparing for our first ASF documentation release, Apache CloudStack 4.0. Contributors from the open-source community are actively stepping up to assist with documentation needs.

August, 2012: We have created the documentation plan for the first Apache CloudStack release.

June, 2012: We are taking the docs into a new and better toolchain (docbook + publican). Docs forklift is underway.

April 23, 2012: New writer Radhika PC has joined our team in Bangalore.

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