Package changes from 4.0 to 4.1

The Ubuntu (and thus Debian) packages got a make-over during the version bump from 4.0 to 4.1

This page is here to help you upgrade your systems from 4.0 to 4.1

The biggest change is that all packages (also the RPM) got renamed from cloud-* to cloudstack-* and that directories like /etc/cloud have moved to /etc/cloudstack


Since the packages have been renamed from cloud-* to cloudstack-* you can't simply run "apt-get upgrade".

Below we'll explain how to upgrade your various CloudStack components.

CloudStack KVM Agents

A couple of steps have to be performed to upgrade your agent:

We start by opening /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cloudstack.list

This file should contain one line containing:
deb precise 4.0

We have to change the 4.0 into 4.1 so it looks like:
deb precise 4.1

Now update your apt package list:
$ apt-get update

Afterwards you have to manually install the new cloudstack-agent package:
$ apt-get install cloudstack-agent

During the installation of this package it will copy your old, log4j-cloud.xml and from /etc/cloud/agent to /etc/cloudstack/agent

You will be warned a couple of times if you want to retain your configuration, do so.

You should now verify your /etc/cloudstack/agent/
It should have a line containing:

If not, modify/add that line.

You can now restart your agent:
service cloud-agent stop
killall jsvc
service cloudstack-agent start


Since the upgrade process copied your old log4j-cloud.xml configuration file, logging will still go to /var/log/cloud/agent/agent.log

If you want to change this, simply run this command:
cd /etc/cloudstack/agent; mv log4j-cloud.xml.dpkg-dist log4j-cloud.xml
service cloudstack-agent restart

Removing the old packages

If the Agent is running well, you can remove all the old cloud-* packages from your system:
dpkg --purge cloud-agent

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