Up-to-date (hopefully, please correct if not) information on how to generate the new 2.2 docs during the transition phase.

See also 22NewDocuments and CocoonDocumentationSystemSUMMARY.

Running Forrest locally to work on the docs

Running Forrest in webapp mode lets you see changes made to the docs immediately:

Online published version of the 2.2 docs

The following versions of the work-in-progress docs are available:

These pages are generated automatically three times per day.

Note that the pages are generated out of two forrest repositories: the global repository is responsible for the tabs "Project" and "Community". The tabs "Getting started" and "Documentation" link to the most recent, editable userdocs. Older (frozen) docs get their links in the second-level pelt in the "Documentation" tab.

How to generate the 2.2 docs

TODO: indicate (in due time) how to generate the docs, what version of Forrest to use, etc.

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