My name is Antonio Gallardo from Managua, Nicaragua.

I started to using Cocoon in August 2002. I am developing web Applications using Linux, Tomcat, PostgreSQL and Cocoon.

I believe Cocoon will become a great revolution in webapp development!

Currently, I am trying to use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. For the Controller, the candidate is ObJectRelationalBridge], for the Model the idea is to interact with [ (OJB) using Java Data Objects (JDO). The View will the implemented using Woody.

June 2005

Mentoring XUL based user interface for Cocoon forms project of the GoogleSummerOfCode2005

Octuber 2003

16-Octuber: Druid now is able to generate Apache OJB repository.xml and *.jdo files! I also included an build.xml file to create a jar archive with the generated JDO Beans.

The initial idea using the MVC design paradigm with Cocoon is viable. Currently I am working more with Flow, Woody and trying to get on feets the new OJB block using JDO. Stay tuned!

September 2003

16 Sept-2003 - I become Cocoon and Forrest committer!

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