This page is just a collection of Ideas, perhaps one day it might become an RT

Why are flash and cocoon a good combination?

  • Both can be used to build web applications.
  • Flash is moving away from animation towards, so called RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) WUI (Web User Interfaces).
  • Both use EMCAScript languages for writing web applications. Advantage for attracting flash developers.
  • Flash has support for XML. GET/POST, XMLLoad, XML Socket Servers, XUpdate, XPath, DataBinding, Etc.
  • Woody could be rendered in flash. This is somthing I need now (smile)
  • Connect to Cocoon / FlowScript via flash remoting using OpenAMF (LGPL). How do continuations fit with this?
  • Flex using markup to create RIA in flash. Could woody markup be transfromed into FLEX markup. Can we do better.

More notes

  • OpenAMF uses ASTranslator which does the grunt work and has an apache compatable licence.
  • Have just checked and both ActionSctipt 2.0 and Flowscript are based on JavaScript 1.5 (ECMAScript 3)
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