In Cocoon 2 the sitemap has two responsibilities:

  • it's the place in which Components are declared, before being used in Pipelines
  • it's the place in which pipelines are defined, using the declared components

It's therefore the single central place from which a Cocoon 2 website is managed (although there are other configuration files, see ConfiguringCocoon)

The old compiled sitemap was turned into executable code ( using the sitemap Logicsheet. The sitemap can be re-generated each time sitemap.xmap is modified, this is a configuration option.

The new sitemap is now interpreted rather than compiled, so it's much faster to load and process. Here is a guide about InterpretedSitemapInternals.


A sitemap consists of:

  • Components – Generator, Transformer, Serializer, Reader, Selectors, Matcher, Action
  • View
  • Resource - reusable pipeline definitions that can be referred to elsewhere in a sitemap
  • action-sets - resuable sets of action definitions, i.e. an Action pipeline
  • Pipeline

The sitemap namespace URI is:
Note that this will be versioned.

The overal structure is described in SitemapStructure


See MinimalSitemapConfiguration

Mounting Sitemaps

See UnderstandingCocoonMounts


Cocoon understands several Protocols

How to do Redirects in the Sitemap.

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