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Cocoon is an Apache project


  • CocoonHistory: Bits and pieces about how this came to be


  • First Steps with Cocoon : Beginners track on the main Cocoon site.
  • ThePyramidModel : Cocoon's model for website development
  • LatestRelease: How to select which release to use and get it
  • Installing : How to install Cocoon
  • ConfiguringCocoon : How to configure Cocoon, also see Caching, and ConnectionPooling
  • Sitemap : The heart of Cocoon, defines behavior of your site
  • Pipeline : Cocoon has a pipeline architecture, organised around a Sitemap
  • Components : are configured in the sitemap, here's a list of 'em
  • WhatIsFlow : powerful yet simple to use controller
  • Woody : The Cocoon Forms subsystem
  • CommandLine : Using the Cocoon Command Line interface
  • XSP : Cocoon's JSP equivalent, eXtensible Server Pages
  • DevelopingComponents : Information for Java developers who want to create their own Cocoon components
  • ExploringTheLogs : How to make sense of the sometimes huge amount of information logged by Cocoon
  • Links : links to Cocoon sites, books, products and other (competing) resources on the web, see also Tutorials


  • Roadmap : a roadmap for forthcoming changes to Cocoon
  • Blocks: componentizing Cocoon so that it becomes a proper application framework with its application archives, deployment descriptors, etc
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