I'm a weblogger. Standard-Weblog-tools like MovableType, pMachine, SunLog, ... are not XML-based. So i decided to develop my own weblog-tool based on cocoon.

We also use cocoon in our company, but we have a bigger Web-CMS called "iProject" (PDF, german).

Until my Cocoon-based-Weblog is ready, I use a 20six-Weblog: 26.schlaudenker.de (german).

Another project (T-Dings.de) is already made with cocoon.

My UUID is 52452a02-f8ab-4bef-8836-5384ee9149a7.

My wiki.cocoondev.org-page(s):

UsingCInclude – How to use CInclude to include dynamic content to your pages.

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