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1.ApacheCon@Home2020.9.29~ 2020.10.1




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1. [ALC  Beijing Podcast] Episode #1 2020.4.12 21:00~ 22:00 UTC +8 

Invited project SkyWalking committer, PMC and VP
 @wusheng  @trista Willem Ning Jiang Zhenxu Ke 

will discuss topics:

1、 SkyWalking 的独特设计理念有哪些?
2、 探针的考量和安全是如何平衡的?
3、 为什么选择Apache 之道来发展Community?
2. [ALC  Beijing Podcast] Episode #2

Invited project ShardingSphere committer, PMC and VP

3.[ALC  Beijing Podcast] Episode #32020.6.14 21:00~ 22:00 UTC +8 

Apache APISIX 的孵化器之旅

[ALC  Beijing Podcast]

Episode #0 

2020.7.11 20:00~ 21:00 UTC +8 

Say “hello,world”
5.Co-meetup of Apache DolphinScheduler and Apache Doris2020-07-25 14:00we will hold co-meetup between DolphinScheduler and Doris
community, and this mail want to synchronize the progress of the co-meetup.
and the agenda as follows.

6The RoadBlock of open source Journey2020-08-16 14:00~~17:30ALC  Beijing first meetup. 
  1. ALC Beijing First Meetup: The Roadblocks of open source Journey?
  2. ALC Beijing First Meetup Review 
7SkyWalking 2020 DevCon2020-11-14

SkyWalking 2020 DevCon
8IoTDB meetup2020-11-29

gaven the talk of

 Apache Local community ALC Beijing Introduction


 Empathy: Needed ability for embracing the open source of collaboration in competition.
9ALC Beijing Member annual party 2020-12-6

ALC Member meeting

  1. ALC Beijing 2020 work summary (工作总结)
  2. ALC Beijing 2021 road map (重点工作)

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