The following process will be followed to establish an ALC Chapter.

1. A volunteer will request to establish an ALC Chapter by sending a message to with "[ALC] Request to establish ALC in <name-of-your-town-or-city>" in the subject line.
Before sending the request, the volunteer will make sure the following points are addressed.

1.1 There will be a single ALC chapter per town/city, so before sending the request please check the ALC Chapters to see if there’s an existing chapter in your location.

1.2 It is mandatory to have at least 1 ASF member plus 2 PMC members in the ALC Chapter team. So before sending the request to the ALC Chapter establish message, the volunteer should make sure their proposed ALC Chapter team should have at least 1 ASF member plus 2 PMC members.

  1. If a proposed ALC Chapter is not having any ASF member on a case-by-case basis ComDev PMC may assign a mentor (who will be an ASF member) to the proposed ALC Chapter and establish it.

  2. The condition of having at least 1 ASF member plus 2 PMC members can be revisited in next six month (June 2020), because till that time, we as a community will have more experience on how ALC Chapters are performing, what the scope of improvements, what we are doing fantastic, based on this, we will revisit this clause.

Reference for the above discussion -

ComDev PMC may provide flexibility and mentorship for those parts of there world where there are no local members/PMC members/committers, since any proposed ALC from those regions represent a clear opportunity to expand our footprint into new places.

2. After receiving message on, a ComDev PMC member will start a thread on the private list to discuss on ALC Chapter establish proposal.

3. Based on discussion and votes PMC will take the decision on the ALC Chapter establish, this decision will be shared on the original thread initiated by the volunteer.
If the for some reason, the ALC Chapter establish request is rejected, based on 'case to case' basic PMC may give the reason for rejection.)

4. As the PMC approves the request to establish the ALC Chapter, the PMC will take the following actions.

4.1 Create the following "placeholder" pages for the ALC Chapter in Apache Local Community - ALC space.

4.1.1 Create a child page of ALC Chapters with the title as "ALC <name-of-alc>". e.g. ALC Indore
This page will contain details about ALC Chapters and its members.

4.1.2 Create two child pages under the recently created "ALC <name-of-alc>" page (i.e. in the page created at 4.1.2).
         These three pages are as follows:
 ALC <name-of-alc> Events e.g. ALC Indore Events
         This page will contain the details of past and upcoming events ALC Chapter. ALC <name-of-alc> Reports e.g. ALC Indore Reports
        This page will contain the ALC Chapter Reports. ALC <name-of-alc> Team meeting ALC Indore Team meeting
This page will contain the ALC Chapter Meeting Notes.

4.2 Add an entry of ALC Chapter in Reports.

4.3 Provide the edit rights to the ComDev wiki to ALC Chapter volunteer.

5. PMC member will share details of the above-created pages and will request ALC Chapter member to maintain them on the same mail thread (which was initiated by the volunteer for requesting to establish an ALC Chapter).
The volunteer who initiated the request to be set up the ALC Chapter will become the Chapter Lead for that ALC Chapter. And will make that the respective ALC Chapter is following ALC Code of Conduct and Guidelines to organise ALC Event.

Sample mail to respond:

Sample mail
Hello ALC <chapter-name> team,

Hope you are doing well, it gives immense pleasure to us to update you
that the vote is passed by ComDev PMC to establish ALC <chapter-name> Chapter
and <chapter-lead-name> as ALC <chapter-name> Chapter lead.

Here are the placeholder pages created in ComDev space<chapter-name><chapter-name>-events<chapter-name>-reports<chapter-name>-team-meeting

I have given edit rights on Confluence for ComDev wiki to following
members (since I found their confluence IDs)
-- <chapter-member-name>
-- <chapter-member-name>
-- <chapter-member-name>
-- ...

Rest members, please feel free to mail on the dev list to request the
edit rights with your confluence ID.

We would also like to connect you with <alc-chapter-mentor-name>.
<alc-chapter-mentor-name> will be with you for an initial few months
to support and assist you so that you will be familiar 
with the processes followed by ALC Chapter for its

Dear <chapter-lead-name> and team,
We have the following roles and responsibilities as ALC Chapter and
ALC Chapter lead:
[Online version of this is available at ]

 1. Making sure the 'ALC Code of Conduct ( )' is followed by the ALC

 2. All the events organized by the ALC Chapter are following the
Guidelines to organize ALC Event ( ).

 3. Chapter lead will submit the status report ( ) to ComDev ( ) in every *three months* based on their
reporting cycle.
For ALC <chapter-name> the reporting cycle is <alc-chapter-reporting-cycle>.

 4. Chapter Lead will be the point of contact for the respective ALC Chapter.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to post on dev list.

Also, here is a link to ALC Resources, it contains the information and resources
(presentations, media, etc.) that will be helpful for ALC chapters.

All the very best team, and thank you for showing your kind interest
in this initiative.

6. PMC member will send an announcement mail of the new ALC Chapter set up on behalf of ComDev PMC on (keeping in CC).

Sample mail:

Subject line: [ANNOUNCE] - Establishing ALC <chapter-name> Chapter

Sample mail
Hello all,

ComDev PMC is pleased to announce our next Apache Local Community [1]
ALC Chapter - ALC <chapter-name> [2] and <chapter-lead-name> as ALC <chapter-name> Chapter

We have the following members in ALC <chapter-name>:

1. <chapter-member-name>
-- ASF Member
-- Chair, Servicecomb
-- PMC (Camel, CXF, Incubator, RocketMQ, ServiceMix, SkyWalking)

2. <chapter-member-name>
-- ASF Member
-- PMC (Brooklyn, Camel, Incubator, TinkerPop)
-- Non-PMC (Fundraising)

3. <chapter-member-name>
-- PMC (Lucene, Incubator, Gora)

4. <chapter-member-name>
-- Committer (Airflow)

5. .......

Congratulations to the ALC <chapter-name> Chapter and wishing them the best
luck for their future events.


Best regards,
The Apache ComDev team,
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