The following are not part of Apache cTAKES but may be of interest to cTAKES users. 

NameWhen used Site Description License
Anafora raw text annotation tool
Annotation cTAKES' annotations from XMIs in a batch
Command line toolwrapper run the complete pipeline for annotating clinical documents in plain text format using the built in UMLS (SNOMEDCT and RxNORM) dictionaries from a command line
Command line a simple pipeline that involves dictionary lookup. Mentioned in this post to dev@.unknown
Hadoop, cTAKES integration

allows cTAKES to be invoked on clinical document data presented as Tuples to cTAKES

a suite of tools for identifying and redacting PII in free-text medical records

See "What license does it have?" on

RESTful simple REST-server around ctakes clinical pipelineunknown
Tika, cTAKES integration and extracts from over a thousand different file types

UMLS and NLM tools such as


Semantic Network 

SPECIALIST Lexicon applications utilize UMLS data


 PII = personally identifiable information

 MIST =  MITRE Identification Scrubber Toolkit 

 NLM = U.S. National Library of Medicine

 UMLS = Unified Medical Language System








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