Distributed OSGi is a retired project and not actively developed any more

The Apache CXF Distributed OSGi subproject provides CXF based distribution providers for Aries Remote Service Admin (RSA). This allows to:

  • Offer and consume SOAP as well as REST based services. For declarative services CXF DOSGi is the easiest way to interact with such services.
  • Transparently communicate between OSGi containers

Familiarize yourself with CXF DOSGi by trying the examples below. Leveraging Apache Karaf it only takes a few minutes to understand and try each example.


The current release is 2.3.0. See the releases page for release informations and downloads.


Starting with version 2.0.0 the reference documentation is written using github wiki markdown and embedded into the source repository you can find the old reference docs here.


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