Employees are people who work for your organization and will be using the platform to track all the information about your organizations operations. These are people with system access working at the offices within your organization. They are subject to different restrictions based on the roles assigned to them ( by the Administrator )

To access employee management in the system, from the quick access drop down menu, click on Employees. The manage employees page allows you to create, edit and delete employees within the organization.

Create New Employee

Launch this process by clicking on the blue +create new employee icon at the bottom right of the manage employee screen. you will then be prompted to fill a series of fields and define the new employees office and role.

Complete the following Fields:

  1. Username

  2. Firstname

  3. Middle name (optional)

  4. Last name

  5. Role (select from drop down menu)

  6. Click CONTINUE

  1. Assigned office (search and select office)

  2. Click CONTINUE

  1. Email (optional)

  2. Phone (optional)

  3. Mobile (optional)


After employee has been created a full list of all created employees will appear on the manage employee screen. To see all names on the list click on the navigation arrows to move from one page to another.

View Employees

To view Employees return to the manage employee screen. Click on the blue SHOW button next to their name on the chart. this will open their profile.

Once you have opened an employee's profile you are able to Delete or Edit employee.

  1. To Edit employee click on edit employee icon at the right bottom side of the page.

  2. To Delete employee click on delete icon the top right side of the page.

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