• Implement front-end UI for Fineract CN that is similar to the UI that was found in the current Gen 2 Mifos X web app as well as the original Gen 1 web app with support for microfinance institutions with group and center based operations.

Background and strategic fit

A cornerstone of most financial inclusion providers and the legacy and heritage of the original Mifos software which evolved into Apache Fineract is joint liability group lending. The original Mifos 2.x (Generation 1 software) was an MIS purpose-built for Grameen-style Joint Liability Group Lending. While Mifos X/Apache Fineract (Generation 2) was built with greater flexibility and support for individual lending but still deeply catered to group and center-based operations. 


  • Aim to utilize the existing knowledge and learnings from previous two generations of software in the design and architecture of this support
  • Aim to utilize design and user experience/workflows from previous Mifos X UI


While the current Mifos X stack caters to one operational methodology and has one distinct user interface and navigational flow, Fineract CN and it's broader applicability enables many different operational workflows to be supported and will have different flavors of the web UI. 

For the brand new Apache Fineract CN architecture, the web UI for the first use cases has been built out to support a teller-driven credit union operational methodology. The user interface and navigational flows for such an operational model is very different from that of a microfinance institutinon with group and center-based operations whereby the loan officer travels out to the customers rather than the customer goes to the branch office.

Road map

CompletedTodo: features
The UI's for setting up a center has been createdEndpoints for setting up a center.

 Endpoints for carrying out center based operations like those found on the current Mifos X .

The URL of the various endpoints should be updated on the front-end (fineract-cn-group-finance).

Mock_ups for the web UI

                                    Login Page


                                  Dashboard page



Account payable

Add Cheque

Manage Members

Manage Employees

View Transaction Types

View offices

Create Journal Entry

View Journal entries


Add transaction types

Add payroll

Add office

Add member

Add ledger

Add employee

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