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The Sign-In page is displayed in a web browser at the link provided by your administrator. This page provides individuals with access to the platform.

In addition, the sign-in page features a language selector menu for changing the language of the system

How to Sign In

Your Administrator will provide you with your tenant name, username, password and URL you need to access the platform. Once you have your username and password, you are ready to sign-in to the platform.

  1. Open the browser

  2. Enter the URL in the Address bar. The platform sign in page will display

  3. Enter Tenant name in the Tenant field (as provided).
    Note: A tenant is a financial institution with its own configuration kept in tenant specific database.

  4. Enter your username in the username field (Default username - as provided)

  5. Enter your password in the password field (Default password - as provided)

  6. Click Sign In

You will be required to change the password to a password of your choice

N/B: Platform was Developed to work on Chrome

Change Password

How to change password

  1. Enter new password in new password field

  2. Enter new password again in the confirm new password field

  3. Click on Change Password

You will then be taken to the sign in page again to sign in with your new password.

Once you sign-in you will be introduced to the dashboard of the platform

How to logout of the platform

From any page on the platform:

  1. Click the settings icon on the top-right side of the page

  2. From the drop down menu click on Sign out

You will be logged out of the system and the sign in page will display.

To change language , click on drop down arrow next to welcome to fims, then select the language you want.

Main Platform Dashboard

The green menu bar displayed across the top of the main platform dashboard is displayed on every page of the platform.

The dashboard's contents will be unique for each user. What you will see will depend on your job responsibilities. The dashboard contains a quick access tool which leads you to the various modules on the platform. The modules include; Offices, Roles and Permissions, Employees, Accounting, Member, Loan Products, Deposit, Teller and Reports.

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