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To supplement our mailing list we also have a channel on the ASF Slack.  Anyone can join.


Style Guide

Value Types

We're hoping to extend the framework to allow custom value types to be plugged in.

This page - CustomValueTypes - is to capture discussion and ideas.

Action Parameters

This page - ActionParameters - is to capture ideas on evolving the programming model around action parameters and supporting methods.

This page - ActionParameterNegotiation - explains the negotiation logic for pending action parameters (default, choice, visibility, usability)

Vaadin Viewer

Our plan is to add a new viewer, similar to the Wicket viewer, but using Vaadin 14

This page - Vaadin Viewer - is to capture discussion and ideas

Main Docs

Pretty much all our content (framework and related process documentation) is on the main website! You can also see a nightly preview of the new v2 site.

Nightly Builds

Semantic Versioning of Staged Builds


We track framework issues and concrete development-todos on this Jira Kanban board. Some more or less dynamic content can also be found on this wiki. For older/archived stuff see Index (old).

Apache Isis Version 2

Work on v2 has been underway for a while.  Some pages relating to the development work can be found here

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