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Horovod-MXNet IntegrationCarl Yang, Lin Yuan, Darren HuHorovod-MXNet IntegrationDiscussionUpgrade from experimental feature to GA?
Gluon Vision Model

Fix Flaky Testszhasheng@apache.orgGithub Flaky TestsDiscussion Resolve remaining flaky tests?
MKL-DNNPatric Zhao, Da ZhengMKL-DNN integration designDiscussionUpgrade from experimental feature to GA
MKL-DNN based graph optimization and quantization by subgraphPatric ZhaoMXNet Graph Optimization and Quantization based on subgraph and MKL-DNNDiscussionexperimental feature
Sparse Tensor support for GluonHaibin LinGluon Sparse SupportDiscussionUpgrade from experimental feature to GA?
Proper support for Types

Sebastian (Wolfram)

( or

Backend for general purpose numerical packages (support for multipe types, proper testing for all supported types). Derive test priorities from Mathematica internal suite or integrate Mathematica into CI?

Feedback: Users are observing instability, incomplete behavior vs. quality delivered by numpy / Pytorch.

Haibin: many tests are not well written, most test only cover fp32, don't have good guidelines for community, operator tutorial lacks guidance on test requirements, suggest to develop guidelines (results are deterministic, cover all supported types), need to set quality standards as community grows

Sebastian: presentation how it is done in Mathematica based on experience and learnings

Android supportAnton

Experimental feature or can it be GA?
TensorRT Runtime Integration

Marek Kolodziej,

Clement Fuji Tsang,

Kellen Sunderland

Runtime Integration with TensorRTDiscussionUpgrade from experimental feature for GA?

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