The initial goals of the NetBeans contribution under the Apache umbrella are to establish a new home for an already fully functioning project and to open up the governance model so as to simplify and streamline contributions from the community.

Tables below – the colors show status: green=complete, yellow=in progress, red=rejected/will not be done

Required Resources

Based on the NetBeans Proposal above, the following are the required resources for Apache NetBeans:

IDResourceDetailsAssigned ToStatusNotes
R01Mailing Listsdev, user, commits, and private @netbeans.apache.orgApache mentorsDone. More can be created as needed, though let's start with the Apache defaults. Also, we need to investigate migrating the archives of the existing NetBeans mailing lists, e.g., T04 and T12.
R02WikiConfluence is being used as the Wiki.Apache mentors

Done: INFRA-12724 - Getting issue details... STATUS


See T06 and T09.
Apache mentorsDone. New website was built and legacy has shutdown including

R04Source ControlGit
Done. Mirrored on GitHub --
R05Issue Tracking

Done: INFRA-12704 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Done: JIRA –

Done: Snapshot of legacy NetBeans Bugzilla taken and available with same issue IDs via URLs such as: Bug #10000

See T08
R06Release InfrastructureHudson/Jenkins, etc.


Special Infrastructure Requests

Based on the NetBeans Proposal above, the following are the Special Infrastructure Requests for Apache NetBeans:

SIR01Migration of large existing Mercurial repository to Apache Git
SIR02 Migration of internal Oracle release infrastructure to Apache infrastructure
SIR03 Migration of Plugin Portal ( and related plugins.
SIR04 Migration of website and related content management system to Apache infrastructure
SIR05 Evaluation and identification of other NetBeans infrastructure to be migrated to Apache infastructures

Further Resources

Not explicitly mentioned in the NetBeans Proposal, though referenced in SIR05 above, these resources and areas need to be considered too in the context of the transition. In many cases, there will be no impact, though at least "NetBeans" should be "Apache NetBeans", at least in first mention, where applicable. in the naming of the below.

F01NetCATTransitioned to Apache: NetCAT.
F02NetBeans Dream TeamReplaced by PPMC and committers.
F03NetBeans tutorialsDonated to Apache in 3rd code donation and needs to be integrated in
F04NetBeans translationsDonated and their integration is in progress at
F05Weekly NetBeans Newsletter Replaced by If someone has a different solution, propose it on the 'dev' mailing list.
F06NetBeans Facebook Continues as before.
F07NetBeans Twitter Continues as before.
F08NetBeans YouTube Continues as before.
F09NetBeans partnersOrganizations using Apache NetBeans need to be integrated in various ways, e.g., highlight their usage, etc.
F10NetBeans on OTN and this page needs to be removed/redone:
F11edu.netbeans.orgEducation subsite of is something to consider, for educators, etc.
F12NetBeans Blog Replaced by
F13NetBeans Exception ReporterNeed an equivalent at Apache.
F14statistics.netbeans.orgNeed an equivalent at Apache.
F15NetBeans logo Old logo donated to Apache, though new Apache NetBeans logo replaces it.
F16NetBeans slide decksSlide decks for anyone talking about the latest Apache NetBeans releases, etc.
F17NetBeans Days and other events See: NetBeans Events
F18NetBeans t-shirts and shopMaybe? As part of Apache's merchandise, stickers, etc.
F19'contrib' and its pluginsSee 6th donation, row 9 of last table on this page. Replaced by If someone has a different solution, propose it on the 'dev' mailing list.


Based on the NetBeans Proposal above, the following are tasks that need to be completed during incubation. (Currently in no particular order.)

IDTaskDetailsReferenceAssigned To
T01Sign iCLAIndividual committers to sign iCLA., and check that your proposed id has not already been taken: committers.
T02Sign cCLAFor individual committers that need corporate
backing, Apache has a cCLA that can be
signed. committers who need it.
T03Sign Software Grant AgreementOracle to sign Apache grant agreement. contains the Software Grant Agreement, a separate document should not be usedGeertjan
T04Invite subscribers to the NetBeans mailing lists to join the Apache NetBeans mailing lists. 

Multiple subtasks:

  • Write to nbusers etc and inform about new mailing lists.
  • Use the NetBeans newsletter.
  • Add automatic footer to mails to NetBeans mailing lists with new info.

T05Migration of source code.Donations in progress, currently donation 6, though earlier completed donations, especially 4 and 5, need to be integrated.

T06Migration of Wiki (or start from scratch?)

T07Migration of tutorials.In progress.

T08Migration of bug tracker.

T09Create a structure for the Wiki.

T10Find a home for the Plugin Portal and plugins.The Plugin Portal application has been donated to Apache as part of the 3rd donation, it has been rewritten to support Maven co-ordinates, it now runs on the Apache infrastructure, and when an NBM is registered on Maven Central its authors can register its co-ordinates in the Plugin Portal.
T11Create a page on Wiki or website listing all the committers, contributors, supporting organizations, etc. 

T12Mailing list archive mailing lists, e.g.,, have large archives that need to be considered for migration.

T13Brand donationThe brand donation is distinct from the software grant.

Proposed NetBeans Incubation Milestones

1Publication of NetBeans Proposal (October 2016)NetBeansProposal
2Acceptance into Apache IncubatorDone.

Setting Up of Mailing Lists and Confluence Wiki
and Apache NetBeans Website

4Identification of the exact NetBeans repositories to be donated to Apache
  • community-ruby (2376 files)
  • community-soa (11770 files)
  • community-uml (6365 files)
  • community-visualweb (6339 files)
  • community-xml (2326 files)
  • html4j (280 files)
  • jackpot30 (964 files)
  • (main)contrib (15270 files) 
  • (main)misc (5076 files)
  • plsql-support (2341 files)
  • releases (100548 files)
  • releases-l10n (33348 files)
51st donation (August 2017)
– the clusters of the 'releases' repository
that constitute a "basic" Java IDE
  • html4j (280 files) – comments passed to Jaroslav Tulach, who has processed them.
  • jackpot30 (964 files) – comments passed to Jan Lahoda, who has processed them.
  • nb.cluster.bootstrap 
  • nb.cluster.platform (5222 files)
  • nb.cluster.harness (337 files)
  • nb.cluster.ide (17447 files)
  • nb.cluster.extide (156 files)
  • nb.cluster.websvccommon (492 files) 
  • (14884 files)
  • nb.cluster.profiler (1893 files)
  • nb.cluster.apisupport (1080 files)
  • nb.cluster.nb (207 files)
  • nb.cluster.javafx (836 files)
  • code written in the above clusters, e.g., related to Java 9 features,
    written since the review process started
  • outside clusters, in root of repository, needed for doing builds
    – 'nbbuild' folder, 'ide' folder, 'nbi' folder, and 'build.xml' file
62nd donation (April 13, 2018)
– the other clusters of the 'releases' repository,
i.e., that are not included in the 1st donation
  • nb.cluster.enterprise (14631 files)
  • nb.cluster.webcommon (7872 files – note that this includes the HTML & JavaScript features of NetBeans)
  • nb.cluster.php (9623 files)
  • nb.cluster.groovy (1223 files)
  • nb.cluster.ergonomics (144 files)

3rd donation (October 30, 2018)
– documentation, images, Plugin Portal sources, translation sources

84th donation
and 5th donation (January 29, 2020)
– C/C++ and related features

These have been donated, though not yet integrated 
into Apache NetBeans GitHub.
96th donation
  • JIRA support
    • jira


    • jira.xmlrpc

    • Wrappers to third party libraries (c.atlassian.connector.eclipse.commons.core, c.atlassian.connector.eclipse.jira.core,, c.s.jersey, c.s.mail.javax.mail, javax.servlet, javax.wsdl, javax.xml.rpc, javax.xml.soap,, o.apache.axis, o.apache.commons.discovery, o.codehaus.jettison, o.eclipse.mylyn.commons.soap, o.eclipse.mylyn.monitor.ui.dummy, o.joda.time)

  • contrib – 
    • ant.freeform.samples
    • apisupport.beanbrowser
    • apisupport.projectinspector
    • autoproject.core
    • autoproject.profiler
    • autoproject.web
    • autosave – possibly to be contributed by its non-Oracle authors rather than Oracle?
    • editor.fscompletion
    • gsf
    • gsf.api
    • gsfpath.api
    • insertunicode
    • java.fscompletion
    • javahints
    • javahints.generate
    • licensechanger
    • modulemanager
    • mount
    • o.n.contrib.debuggerretry
    • python.x (15 modules, including the wrappers o.jython, o.jython.distro) – possibly to be contributed by its non-Oracle authors rather than Oracle?
    • quickfilechooser
    • spellchecker.hunspell
    • sysprops
  • community clusters:
    • community-xml (2326 files)
    • community-uml (6365 files)
10Code that will not be donated
(unless someone claims ownership of them)
  • nb.cluster.javacard (759 files)
  • nb.cluster.mobility (568 files) 
  • community-ruby
  • community-soa
  • community-visualweb
  • (main)misc
  • pl-sql support
  • none of the modules in contrib, except for those that are listed above in row 9
11Bugtracker transition
12Publish feature roadmap
13New home for NetBeans Plugin Portal
14Release of Apache NetBeans as top level project
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