BLOCKER - Feature does not work, no workaround exists

data loss
  • User data is corrupted or lost
  • Prevents most users from completing typical workflow, with no workaround
crash or deadlock
  • Reproducible, unavoidable crash or deadlock
memory leak
  • Huge memory leak
  • Regression in startup (>5%), memory usage (>10%) if compared with last stable release
  • Very bad UI responsiveness making the feature unusable
  • Scalability problem making the feature unusable in an usual scenario
  • More than 20 duplicates + votes
  • Blocks progress of another developer, no workaround exist
  • Incorrect text or graphics with legal implications
  • Non-compliance with Apache release, licensing or other policies.

CRITICAL - Feature doesn't work, a workaround may exist but it's difficult to use or impractical

  • Prevents users from completing work without significant or inefficient legwork
  • Window does not resize dynamically to show all of its content
crash or deadlock
  • Intermittent crash or deadlock that happens fairly often
memory leak
  • Significant memory leak of a functionality which is used repeatedly
  • Regression in UI responsiveness (>50%)
  • Significant scalability problem
  • AWT thread blocked by a task which could run on background
  • No or inappropriate indication of progress of a running task
  • More than 10 duplicates + votes
  • Crash or exception caused by cooperation of NetBeans IDE with Assistive Technology
  • Functionality available by mouse is not reachable by keyboard
  • Opened window is not focused directly
  • Impossibility to navigate from one component to another component by keyboard
  • Font, Color or Sound are being used as the only indication to user
  • Accessible Name is not set, or is hard to understand
  • Text are not read from a localized file
  • Impossibility to read or display characters from another locale or encoding
  • Affects progress of another developer

MAJOR - Part of feature is affected, a viable workaround exists

  • Prevents from using typical workflows efficiently or represents an annoyance
memory leak
  • Small memory leak in a functionality which is not often used
  • Feature does not meet desired response times (100 ms to finish navigation and edit actions, 1 s to finish opening dialogs/windows)
  • Incorrect usage of NetBeans APIs causing a waste of system resources
  • Opened window is not focused directly, but workaround exists
  • Illogical order of tab
  • Inconsistent or non-standard methods of keyboard control
  • Font, color is hard-coded
  • Mnemonics collision inside of window or dialog

MINOR - Incorrect behavior that doesn't affect functionality

  • Cosmetic, aesthetic, or grammatical issue which does not prevent from doing normal work
  • Usability problem has a clear and efficient workaround
  • Small performance deficiency with minimal destabilizing effect
  • Accessible Description is not set, or is hard to understand
  • Missing mnemonic
  • Input component without corresponding label
  • Incorrectly shown time and date or other locale specific information
  • No labels