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The intent of this page is to provide a step-by-step plan and a list of all the resources (bugzilla, wiki, hg, binaries, etc) that need to be taken care of as part of the migration of to Apache.

Meeting planned for discussing the transition process:

Attendees at the meeting scheduled to include Oracle (Robert Nilsson, Geertjan Wielenga), Apache Infra (Daniel Gruno), Apache NetBeans (Emilian Bold, Neil Smith, Antonio Vieiro).


  1. Background. Where we are, and how we got here – in summary,, and other domains, have been donated by Oracle to Apache.

  2. Orientation. What does the donation of mean to all of us.

  3. Let's focus on specifically. When someone goes to, they should find themselves on

  4. Content of From itself, specifically is relevant, i.e., the tutorials. These are part of the 3rd donation that is currently in process and incomplete.

  5. Redirection. Please see Proposals for main website migration (PDF).

  6. Subdomains of As a temporary/transitional step, ask Apache infra to assign the subdomains to the applicable Oracle locations to smooth the migration:

  7. What should happen with historic artifacts hosted on Akamai.

  8. Timelines, actions items, milestones, deadlines. Should/when the next meeting be held?

  9. Read-only bugzilla clone on Apache infra, add redirects for historical links to the new instance (with the same issue IDs).

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