New and Noteworthy

This release adds some great new features and fixes to the NMS.ActiveMQ API.

NMS.ActiveMQ Updates

This release adds several new features to the ActiveMQ client and fixes many bugs that have been reported since the last release.

  • Adds support for non-blocking redelivery.
  • Supports priority backups for Failover transport.
  • Supports an Optimized Ack mode for MessageConsumers.
  • Adds Message Audits to prevent duplicate deliveries on Failover.
  • Implements the ISession Recover method.
  • Adds support for purging locally created temp destinations.
  • Properly handles cluster client re-balancing in Failover Transport.
  • Plus a lot more fixes and stability improvements.

API Documentation

Refer to the API for this release here

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For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the release notes

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