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  • ApacheCon EU 2014 - Introduction to a Recommender System for Apache OFBiz

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In the OFBiz track of ApacheCon Europe 2014, a 'recommender' component for OFBiz was introduced in the presentation  'Introduction to a Recommender System for Apache OFBiz', by Anahita Goljahani.

This page reports information about progresses in the development of the 'recommender' component.


Session schedule here



  1. Please, do not edit or remove this page. It is the page I created before the conference to put my 'Recommendation' stuffs (code, etc.). The link to this page is reported on the conference slides.

  2. Hi Anahita - It was originally hanging off the main wiki site so please move it to where you need it to be. I saw the title Ron had changed it to and thought it was just another header page for Apachecon EU.

  3. Hi Sharan, you can move the page where it is more appropriate. The important thing for me is that the link doesn't change because it is reported on the slides.

  4. Hi Anahita, did you think about contributing your component?

  5. Hi Jacques,

         I'm not sure what you exactly mean by "contributing". My idea is to render the code available here for some time in order to let the people have a look at it and give feedback. The component may need some improvements and testing before being ready to be safely and productively used in real commercial environments.  When the component will prove to be stable and good enough, I will be more than happy to see anyone using it.


  6. Hi Anahita, by contributing I mean submitting your component as a patch (or a zip/package) in a JIRA issue. If you need more infor please refer to OFBiz Contributors Best Practices

    This will allow people to use and evaluate.


  7. Jacques,

             thank you for the information!